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Getting to know a bit about your pee habits and thoughts on peeing is crucial for us to design public pee solutions for girls that really works. We appreciate you spending your time!
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more to tell us.
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The PeeBetter team
How worried are you about be seen peeing at a festival?
I could not care less
I try to cover myself, but it does not kill me if someone sees me peeing
I would rather hold it in than be seen peeing
Do you carry your own toilet paper at a festival?
Hardly ever
Do you normally touch the seat on a public toilet?
If it’s not too disgusting
I would rather not
Where do you prefer to pee at a public space such as a festival?
Inside a transportable toilet
Outside in the open air
Outside, but partly covered
What would you think of peeing in a semi-squat position (with something to hold on to for support)?
I’m the champion of squatting – bring it!
I do it most of the summer anyway
I’m fine with it
I’m not a yoga instructor – squatting is physically hard for me
I won’t do it!
How social are you with other girls when you pee?
I don’t socialise
I want to be alone when I’m peeing
I think it’s cosy talking to new people
I always go with one of my girlfriends
I do what ever
What is most important for you when you have to pee?
That I don’t have to wait in line
That the place is clean
That it is near-by
That I can be private
Other (please tells us!)
How important do you think is to develop better public peeing solutions for women in public space?
Very important
I have not thought about it but it would be very nice
It would be nice but I can live without
I do not care
Not at all important
How far would you walk for a good peeing option without queue?
100 m
200 m
300 m
400 m
500 m
Do you have any other ideas or comments you think would help us developing a sublime female urinal?
Please tell us
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